Support Letter

Air Rescue Systems Corp. 4-2016
To: Deputy Director Tilton, Cook County DHESM
From: Bob Cockell, VP ARS
Re; Air One Capabilities

Dear Mr. Tilton,

I’d like to introduce myself, Bob Cockell VP and one of two owners of Air Rescue Systems Corp. (ARS). I’ve been proud to
have been associated with your organization, county and state through our ongoing relationship with Air One and the amazing
team of dedicated professionals that have made this unique response organization such a success.
I’d like to give you a brief overview of ARS so that you may garner and understanding of my perspective when I reference Air
Ones’ capabilities and capacity to perform operational mission skills at such a high level.

ARS is the premier provider of Advanced Helicopter Operations training solutions and delivers services worldwide to Search
and Rescue, Law Enforcement, Fire Department, Military, Utility and Commercial Operators. We are an FAA 133 Certificate
holder and FAA 141 training school with a focus on 133 (external load) operations. As well, our state of the art flight training
facilities in the Western United States offers single and twin-engine aircraft and mountain, urban and off-shore advanced helicopter
training operations. The ARS training curriculum and course syllabus for hoist and short haul human external cargo
meet and exceed the minimum requirements of EASA SPA 100 Human Hoist Operations (HHO), FAA 133D Human External
Cargo (HEC), Transport Canada (CARS 722), Australian Civil Aviation Safety Authority (CAO 29.11).

Our staff of all fulltime instructors share more than 150 years of cumulative experience and continue to respond in the disciplines
we train. We perform thousands of hoist and short haul evolutions each year in both training and rescue response functions.
ARS holds many multi-year contracts for helicopter rescue operations around the world and works closely with the US DOD
and the UK MOD. Most recently our crews have undertaken a new service in the Falkland Islands replacing the RAF Sea-King
Rescue capability for the MOD Typhoon class fighter squadron.

As well, ARS is an ISO 9001: 2008 Certified and an FAA approved parts manufacturer. We design and build the most innovative
and safety oriented helicopter response equipment available. Each piece of gear, every system and component has been
developed through our ongoing response operations and the thousands of flight hours performed each year in training our

I do have a unique perspective when it comes to similar helicopter response operations. I work daily with agencies of every
size and capability, small and large, public/para-public/private, military and civilian and witness varying levels of skill, capability
and commitment to safe operations. I feel fortunate to have played a small part in assisting Air One in the development of their
current helicopter operations proficiency. I provided the information, tools and guidance, but the performance and willingness
to achieve greatness came from within the unit…the devotion and drive of an all (mostly all) volunteer organization is inspiring
and I use Air One’s achievements as an example to my students around the world.

Air Ones’ success does not come through a large career paid staff, big budgets or the latest in helicopter technology. It is
driven by the team that believes providing excellent service to the citizens they serve is first and foremost. The deep, core belief
that safe operations through risk managed training and response has been instilled from day one and has been championed
by Dan Bitton, who demonstrates this through example. The leadership of the team, Randy Olson, Mike Weinke, Josh
Jamison and the many pilots and response crew have created success through tireless commitment to this endeavor.
I have so many students in programs that I instruct that are there because of a paycheck…the heart, the drive for excellence is
left at the door on the way out and must be grudgingly dug up on the way back in. When I compare my big, big agencies to
the volunteer unit that is Air One I’m always amazed at the positive attitude during hard training, the attentiveness during long
classroom sessions of endless theory and the willingness to achieve precision in very demanding disciplines. I am not easy on
this team…I require perfection and demand safe operations during my training course deliveries. Air One has always stepped
up and performed. Briefings/Debriefings are blunt with no punches held and ownership of poor performance is always
“owned” and never dismissed or excused. This in itself is culture based and is difficult if not impossible to instill in an organization
that does not have it.

I’d happily (and proudly) back Air One’s capabilities up against the other units I’ve worked with. Their (Air One) CRM, Risk
Management processes and safety culture are superior. The IVR (In-direct Vertical Reference) technique for insertion, extraction
and rescue capability has reached new levels of precision performance. Their fledgling hoist program will reach the same
accomplishment and will no doubt be the strongest amongst the other agencies in your county. The pilot skill and aircraft
knowledge is top level and I’d entrust the the well being of my family to the “crew-rescuers” that respond.
I’m proud to have provided assistance to the Air One team over the past few years. I whole heartedly believe Air One is an asset
that should be developed, a capability that should be utilized and the team recognized as an unparalleled resource for the
people of Cook County and the State of Illinois.
Please feel free to contact me directly if I can provide more insight or greater detail into my observations or opinions.

Very best regards,
Signed- Bob Cockell
Bob Cockell, VP
Air Rescue Systems Corp
C: 541-690-6178