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An Illinois Public Agency

Welcome to the site of AIR-ONE, an Illinois Public Agency formed in October of 2015 by a consortium of local governments. AIR-ONE authority is derived from the Air Support Mutual Aid Agreement (ASMAA) as adopted by signatory public agencies (SPA) and executed in multiple counterparts, having initial signatories in 2015. The ASMAA has been established based on the Constitution of the State of Illinois (Article 7 Section 10), Illinois Intergovernmental Cooperation Act (5 ILCS 220/1), the Local government and government employee Tort Immunity Act (745 ILCS 1017-101) and the Illinois Municipal Code (65 ILCS 5/11-1-2. 1). System Membership is in full force and effect with the passage and approval of a companion ordinance, resolution or other legally binding document by a SPA in the manner provided by law and executed by a representative of a SPA who has the legal authority to sign and enter into the ASMAA on behalf of his/her SPA.

The mission of AIR-ONE is to provide emergency response, search and rescue, assessment capabilities and capability coordinative air support to SPA when lives and property are at risk or where an articulatable reason exists to believe that lives and property are potentially at risk. AIR-ONE also seeks to identify, coordinate and implement activities which promote notions of intergovernmental cooperation with regard to air support and public safety both inter- and intra-state. AIR-ONE meets the needs of first responder agencies throughout the State of Illinois in matters of mutual aid, emergency response and the combining of resources to enhance public safety.

AIR-ONE was originally formed in 2003 as a cooperative effort among first responding agencies in Northern Illinois. The organization's name was originally the Law Enforcement Aviation Coalition (LEAC). In 2005 LEAC incorporated in Illinois as a not-for-profit 501(c)3 charitable organization, and later changed the corporate name to AIR-ONE Emergency Response Coalition. With the new AIR-ONE public agency formed in 2015, the originating charitable organization becomes the foundation arm providing financial support to the public agency. For more information about the foundation please visit

AIR-ONE Contact Information

AIR-ONE Public Agency
515 North Court Street
Rockford, IL 61103-6807

This web site is currently being developed. Please check back periodically for revisions and additional information.

The AIR-ONE public agency complies with the Illinois Open Meetings Act
(OMA) and Freedom of Information Act (FOIA).

The appointed FOIA Officer is Todd Murray and all FOIA requests may be e-mailed to

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